1. How can you apply warmers in your daily life?

  • Improve your health, remove pain and fatigue
  • Relax, de-stress and release tension very quickly
  • Improve your massage, training
  • Helpful if you are into fitness, or sports such as bodybuilding, athletics, tennis, etc.
  • Warm up quickly on a rainy or cold day
  • Cold firms the body
  • Creams, cosmetics and therapeutic ointments with their bioactive ingredients will penetrate your skin faster and the so-called skin plumping when cleansing your skin will take place faster
  • Cold constricts blood vessels and closes skin pores on the face and décolleté

ABC-N System heaters are a warming, soothing, thermal pack. It is used by beauty salons and spas. So you too can now have exactly that. Simply wellness, but at your .... at home.

2. A warmer can always accompany you in situations such as:

  • Going outdoors

  • A trip to the mountains

  • Fishing

  • Diving

  • Skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports

  • Extreme" sports

  • Yacht sailing and other water sports

  • Camping
  • In the forest

  • Mountain climbing

  • ... or rather, wherever you are 

Our compress will complement any hiking gear, climbing accessories, diving equipment etc.

Frosty hands or feet will be instantly warmed by our heating pad. If you insert the mini compress into a glove - it works like an insulated glove. If you put it on your solar plexus under a fleece - it will act like an insulated garment.

If your passion is motorcycling - use a back warmer or knee pads.

Are you a hunter and your hands get cold on the hunt? Use an appropriately sized hand warmer.

3. What else can the warmers do ?

  • At home, it will help you warm your bed, a baby bottle, defrost the fridge
  • In the car, it will defrost a frozen lock and help warm a seat when it is not heated
  • Use heating pads if you want warm feet or hand warmers for cold hands
  • It is helpful if you have caught the flu or a cold
  • It is used in healing therapies such as : heat therapy, cryotherapy, body cleansing (e.g. : liver cleansing and other natural healing methods)
  • As a warming pad, it is taken into the open air by children e.g.: skiing or sledding. You can then rest assured that your child will be well looked after.

Our product is the perfect body warmer.

One product and so many applications!

4. How are warming compresses halpful ?

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (soreness and muscle spasm, stagnant tendons)
  • Neurological pains (trigeminal nerve, gunshot, winding up)
  • Root pains (sciatica, radiculitis, cruciate pain) - use a hip belt
  • Strained neck or neck (stress)
  • Menstrual pains
  • Rheumatic pains
  • Degenerative changes of the spine and joints
  • Circulatory problems (cold feet, cold hands)
  • Cold and sinus pain
  • When you feel "pain in the bones"
  • Kidney pain as a kidney belt for the back
  • Headaches, migraines (as cold compresses) - the cold will bring you quick relief
  • Injuries: shoulder, elbow, ankle, wrist, knee, hip joint and when you are undergoing post-traumatic treatment and recovery (rehabilitation)
  • Iinjuries, sprains, bruises, tennis elbow (sports medicine)

You can store the warmer in the family medicine cabinet, in a drawer next to the bed or in another convenient place.
We recommend storing it in liquid form, it will be ready for use immediately. You can also store it in crystallised form.